Cristallo Art and Glass Studio in Williamsburg has closed its doors and is no longer a gallery. We decided that after 6 years of operating the gallery it was time to get back to concentrating on our own artwork -- at least for a while. .
In early 2005, following the final show Cristallo closed its doors in Williamsburg and moved to Newport News. We're now located just around the corner from the new City Center development. But since we're not a gallery any more, we're not open for business.
When it's time we'll have an opening at our new location and unveil some of our new work. Until then, please feel free to browse through images from 6 years' worth of shows at Cristallo.
By the way... if you're interested in any of the work you see we still may be able to get it for you, so please call us at 757.596.3551 or email us with your interests.

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